Monday, June 30, 2008

Cafe del Mar Vol 14

Cafe del Mar Vol 14


This volume isn't an exception but making a difference to the previous ones Café del Mar continues with its exquisite taste on the selection of the music.
The 31 tracks included in this new project have been carefully chosen under well known artists such us Teri Richardson, Elenah, Gary B or Ypey who will surround you imagining those terrific sunsets with their music. You can taste also fragile pieces that take the signature of Notechild or Elmara.
The prestige of Café del Mar is thank YOU, mainly, YOU are making that the trademark goes for the volume 14 and YOU help this spiritual concepts continuing in all our souls.
You can find many compilations in the market, a lot of imitations, but only this one is Café del Mar, because we found this new sound idea ? an exercise for our ears and spirit, an incredible healing for the soul.
Take your time for listening it, from the beginning to the end, without hurries, to see through the hearings what the music of all these artist means
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Track Listings
Cd 1
1. Loving You
2. Night Highway
3. Cabriolet Tour
4. Longitude
5. Genesis
6. Una Passion Perdida
7. Soulsmooth
8. Soul Connection
9. Missing
10. Do Tara Alap
11. Dans les Rues de Barcelone...
12. Luz de Hielo
13. El Alba
14. Land of Eternal Sunset
15. Carma
16. Training

Cd 2
1. Childhood
2. Jam'in Dawn
3. Love Luxury
4. Love My Soul
5. Remando al Viento
6. Slow Down
7. Love Rain Down
8. Wonderland
9. Hidden Island
10. Shadows of My Love
11. Love in Spain
12. Viva Cuba Musica
13. With You
14. Sentoda
15. I Believe

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