Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fabio Vee, Walter W - A Funky Journey



Fabio Vee, italian dj and producer come back with a new house and funky track, release by THE BASE TRAX and now availbale in Traxsource Exclusive

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fabio Vee Feat. Heni Lasut - Feel So Nice

Fabio Vee Feat. Heni Lasut - Feel So Nice

Enjoy this beautiful summer track from italian producer Fabio Vee and slovak singer Heni Lasut.
For beach and relaxing chilling times!

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Sunday, May 29, 2016



The new summer compilation released by Baci Recordings includes many international and talented producers. It's a mix of deep house and chill out tracks

Track Listings:
1.Supercell - Fooprint
2.The Cioks - Loneliness
3.Juice As - The Taction
4.Edgar Branco feat. Luis Baner - Come with me
5.Fabio Vee feat. Dave Baron - Ride on the Rhythm
6.Severyn Clain feat. Lavrina - Never say Never
7.Mike D'Jais - I want you
8.Tony Vegas feat. Portsmouth - Crystal Waves
9.Act Cool - Trust
10. Iure Tantum - Deep Feeling


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Monday, May 2, 2016

Fabio Vee - Lost

Fabio Vee - Lost

Fabio Vee italian producer back with a new chill out/lounge track "Lost", released on Baci Recordings.


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Monday, February 1, 2016

Chic - Chic Cheer (Fabio Vee Rework)

Chic - Chic Cheer (Fabio Vee Rework)

C'est Chic includes the band's classic hit "Le Freak", which topped the US Hot 100 chart, US R&B, and US Club Play in October 1978, selling six million copies in the US alone and is to date both Atlantic Records' and parent company Warner Music's best-selling single ever – a record it's held for nearly 30 years. C'est Chic also contains follow-up single "I Want Your Love" (#5 R&B, No. 7 Pop February 17, 1979) and the track that has since become the band's anthem; "Chic Cheer".

The C'est Chic album reached No. 4 on Billboard's album chart and topped the US R&B chart for eleven weeks. C'est Chic was Billboard Magazine's 1979 R&B Album of the Year, claiming the number one spot on Billboard's Year End Review. The album was certified platinum by RIAA, selling well over a million copies.

This is an house rework ;) Enjoy

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kool and The Gang - Fresh (Fabio Vee Disco Re-Edit)

"Fresh," from the album Emergency is an invigorating dance single with melodic verses and accented chorus chants followed and surpassed "Misled," a claiming the top spot. 
This album marked the end to Kool & the Gang's 15-year association with De-Lite Records. The group impressively charted each of those 15 years including ten number-one singles. Emergency continued that tradition, and was responsible for two of those number-one singles. The first release, "Misled," awith its crackin' bassline led the charge; it peaked at number 3 on the Billboard R&B charts.Mostly known for their funk and dance songs, the nine-piece band hit on a more tranquil note with "Cherish." With its adult contemporary appeal, the tender-flowing single eased its way to the top of the charts. All three of the aforementioned singles were also Billboard Pop Top-Ten singles. The final chapter in the group's De-Lite Records catalog was the release of the title track, "Emergency," a rock-flavored single which crested at number seven on the Billboard R&B charts.

This is a disco re-edit version ! Respect for Kool and The Gang

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lounge Seats Downstairs


Francia Jazzline Orchestra
music written by Dima Kop
album release ©2015 EFFE Production Music
photo & cover design ©2015 Media Communications

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Erotic Lounge Vol 9

Erotic Lounge Vol 9


Track Listings
Cd 1
1.Precious Part One(Vargo)
2.Montgolfier(Merge Of Equals)
3.On My Way feat Ski(Tontelas)
4.You Take Me(From P60 Feat. Virág)
6.Love Beams(Lonnie Liston Smith)
7.Around Me(Marga Sol)
8.What Do You Want More?(Unkempt)
9.Easy Heart(Jens Buchert)
10.Deep Breath(Living Room)
11.The Keeper(Bonobo)
12.Essential Love(Jet Tricks)
13.Deep Dub(Corporal Identity)
14.Chloé Says...(Alien Cafe)
15.On The Edge Of Time(Lemongrass feat Karen Gibson Roc)
16.Sugar Daddy(Julienne)
17.Feel It(Pesheya)
18.Once Again(Ohm Guru Feat. Vagina Hendrix)
19.The Years(Sophie Zelmani)

Cd 2
4.Mon Amour De Paris(Mirage Of Deep)
5.Give It To Me, Baby(Glam SAM & HIS Combo)
7.Music Takes Me Up(Mr. Scruff )
8.Walk A Mile In My Shoes(Coldcut Feat. Robert Owens)
9.Do You?(Synthpathic)
10.Is He?(Vish Knew Project)
11.Lost Time(Daniel Ray Van Zyl)
12.Love Me Please Love Me(Bloomfield)
13.Norning(Sip and Pass)
14.Yma(Afterlife RMX)(Boozoo Bajou)
15.Sunshine Lovers(Unit Blue )
16.Fashion Victimes (No 4 Jazzride Mix)(Blauwassociates)

Cd 3
1.Among the reed(Steve Osaka)
2.Lounge experiment(DJ Sleeptalker)
3.Diamond (Triangle sun)
4.Beccy´s song(Setsuna)
5.On the beach(Fudge x)
6.Somewhere else(Mark Watson)
7.Promets(Anthony Island)
8.Beach Hopper(Mazelo Nostra)
9.Erotic in the air(Pete Dingon)
10.Come together(Lazy Hammock & Zelonka)
11.Trust in love(Brook Sapphire)
12.When the night is over(Rhodescreen)
13.Spring rain(Gold Lounge)
14.Contigo(Velvet Lounge Project)
15.To the lighthouse(GXR)
16.Timeless(Night Cruzer)
17.El pointille(Twila.too vs. Newton/Kroemer)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fabio Vee - Everyday Ep

Fabio Vee - Everyday Ep

Italian producer Fabio Vee's latest EP "Everyday" is loaded with sultry vocals and sexy summer house grooves. The EP includes his original mix, remixes from The Bernabela Project, Jonny Bee, Valy DJ, and a downtempo mix from The Bernabela Project. The original mix has warm and bubbly vibes, full of lush percussive elements and is perfect for a sweet summer night. The Bernabela Project's remix is deep and inviting with a driving bassline and solid house beat. Jonny Bee's mix is fun and upbeat with funky chord stabs that will make you want to groove. Valy DJ goes deeper and darker with tech and progressive house elements and electrifying synths and effects. The Bernabela Project wrap up the EP by going way down deep with their downtempo mix that is smooth and classy with sultry lounge vibes.

Everyday Ep Preview by Fabio Vee

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hotel Costes 15

Hotel Costes Vol 15

French house DJ Stéphane Pompougnac is best known for his Hôtel Costes series of compilations, sales of which have exceeded two million copies.

Track Listings
1. Close To My Fire (Slackwax)
2. Away (Intergalactic Lovers)
3. Young, Beautiful etc. (Second Date)
4. 2 Swim - Blackjoy Version (Dj Cam featuring Chris James)
5. Idiosyncracy (Onsulade)
6. Beautiful Trash (Lanu featuring Megan Washington)
7. The Passenger (Kid Loco)
8. La Caravane (Brigitte Fontaine & Grace Jones)
9. I Want Her But I Don't Want Her (Zahed Sultan)
10. Brainwash (Tom Fire featuring Matthew Mc Anuff)
11. So Weit Wie Noch Nie - Original Mix (Jürgen Paape)
12. One By One (Stéphane Pompougnac)
13. Gravy Train - Nicolas Jaar Remix (Maceo Plex)
14. Lost in the City (Soulstice)
15. Mister Chicken (Deluxe)
16. Paris (Scratch Massive featuring Daniel Agust)
17. Guadalquivir (Dj ClicK featuring Valentina Casula)
18. I Can t Help Thinking About You (Variety Lab)

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