Monday, June 30, 2008

Bare Essentials Vol 2

Bare Essentials Vol 2

It is primarily from these vinyl releases that Bare Essentials Volume 2 takes shape, collecting the best, most rare and unreleased tracks from our best known artists, as well as a few new friends (amid plenty of fresh sounds). Artists from the shores of San Francisco to Sweden are adding their unique touch to the Naked sound, expanding the vibe, breaking up the beats and throwing in plenty of funk... by

Track Listings:
1. Nowhere (Crazy P's Heatwave Mix) - Aquanote
2. Try (Fenomenon Remix) - Arvid feat Ernestos
3. All I Need (Jimpster Remix) - Blue Six
4. Inside - Central Living
5. All I Need (CJ One Remix) - Andy Caldwell
6. Brighter Day (Quant Remix) - Kaskade
7. The Night (Andy's Love Bizzare Dub) - Miguel Migs
8. Weekenderstyle - Weekender
9. Visions - Central Living
10. Let It Ride (Jimpster Remix) - Lisa Shaw
11. Blow My Mind - Gonky Business
12. Rely On Me (Jay's Bodega Vocal) - Petalpusher
13. All Over You (Pimpstyle Remix) - Aquanote

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Falk said...

This is a great compilation. naked music makes the difference. :) the first track is awesome.