Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fabio Vee - Everyday Ep

Fabio Vee - Everyday Ep

Italian producer Fabio Vee's latest EP "Everyday" is loaded with sultry vocals and sexy summer house grooves. The EP includes his original mix, remixes from The Bernabela Project, Jonny Bee, Valy DJ, and a downtempo mix from The Bernabela Project. The original mix has warm and bubbly vibes, full of lush percussive elements and is perfect for a sweet summer night. The Bernabela Project's remix is deep and inviting with a driving bassline and solid house beat. Jonny Bee's mix is fun and upbeat with funky chord stabs that will make you want to groove. Valy DJ goes deeper and darker with tech and progressive house elements and electrifying synths and effects. The Bernabela Project wrap up the EP by going way down deep with their downtempo mix that is smooth and classy with sultry lounge vibes.

Everyday Ep Preview by Fabio Vee

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2 commenti:

John said...

Some really great tracks here! I'm gonna get my hands on this EP.

Povilas said...

cool tune man!