Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Erotic Lounge Vol 9

Erotic Lounge Vol 9


Track Listings
Cd 1
1.Precious Part One(Vargo)
2.Montgolfier(Merge Of Equals)
3.On My Way feat Ski(Tontelas)
4.You Take Me(From P60 Feat. Virág)
6.Love Beams(Lonnie Liston Smith)
7.Around Me(Marga Sol)
8.What Do You Want More?(Unkempt)
9.Easy Heart(Jens Buchert)
10.Deep Breath(Living Room)
11.The Keeper(Bonobo)
12.Essential Love(Jet Tricks)
13.Deep Dub(Corporal Identity)
14.Chloé Says...(Alien Cafe)
15.On The Edge Of Time(Lemongrass feat Karen Gibson Roc)
16.Sugar Daddy(Julienne)
17.Feel It(Pesheya)
18.Once Again(Ohm Guru Feat. Vagina Hendrix)
19.The Years(Sophie Zelmani)

Cd 2
4.Mon Amour De Paris(Mirage Of Deep)
5.Give It To Me, Baby(Glam SAM & HIS Combo)
7.Music Takes Me Up(Mr. Scruff )
8.Walk A Mile In My Shoes(Coldcut Feat. Robert Owens)
9.Do You?(Synthpathic)
10.Is He?(Vish Knew Project)
11.Lost Time(Daniel Ray Van Zyl)
12.Love Me Please Love Me(Bloomfield)
13.Norning(Sip and Pass)
14.Yma(Afterlife RMX)(Boozoo Bajou)
15.Sunshine Lovers(Unit Blue )
16.Fashion Victimes (No 4 Jazzride Mix)(Blauwassociates)

Cd 3
1.Among the reed(Steve Osaka)
2.Lounge experiment(DJ Sleeptalker)
3.Diamond (Triangle sun)
4.Beccy´s song(Setsuna)
5.On the beach(Fudge x)
6.Somewhere else(Mark Watson)
7.Promets(Anthony Island)
8.Beach Hopper(Mazelo Nostra)
9.Erotic in the air(Pete Dingon)
10.Come together(Lazy Hammock & Zelonka)
11.Trust in love(Brook Sapphire)
12.When the night is over(Rhodescreen)
13.Spring rain(Gold Lounge)
14.Contigo(Velvet Lounge Project)
15.To the lighthouse(GXR)
16.Timeless(Night Cruzer)
17.El pointille(Twila.too vs. Newton/Kroemer)

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