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Stéphane Pompougnac - Night and Day

Stéphane Pompougnac - Night & Day

With his new compilation, Night & Day , the man who was proclaimed the prince of lounge when he arrived on the scene to rave reviews in 1999 finally shows us the two sides to his talent.
Everyone, without exception, considers Stéphane Pompougnac to be the musical image of a certain idea of French luxury that is represented by such brands as Chanel and Dom Pérignon! With 5 platinum and 14 gold discs, along with 5 million album sales worldwide, he made his mark on people s minds and ears with a collection recorded exclusively for the Hôtel Costes almost 14 years ago.
Now, on these new collections, he develops a vision that is both more personal and more wide-ranging, displaying a palette of sounds that reach beyond the gates of the famous establishment and out into the rhythms of the day and the night. These two times of day let him show two different facets of his personality. For this new musical journey follows above all his long-held desire to work on a more club project that reflects the music her has been playing as a DJ around the world since 1986. review by

Track Listings:
Cd 1
1. Sitting on the Shelf Without Shelly (Catriona Irving)
2. Imik Si Mik (Hindi Zahra)
3. L Adèle (Catherine Ringer)
4. Naïve (Stéphane Pompougnac feat Peter Kingsbery)
5. Nobody Else s (Patrice)
6. I Walk Alone (Billa Qause)
7. Trick Pony - Boys Noize Remix (Charlotte Gainsbourg)
8. Hurt (Parov Stelar)
9. Eurodans (New Mjøndalen Disco Swingers)
10. Alerta (Dutch Rhythm Combo)
11. Modernism Begins At Home (Jörg Burger)
12. Days (Stephane Pompougnac feat. Lady Linn)
13. Ghosts (The Hundred in the Hands)
14. Morning Flow (Malik Alary feat. Jenia Lubich)

Cd 2
1. Mi Mujer (Nicolas Jaar)
2. Deviate (Manuel Tur & DPlay)
3. Jus Groove (Sascha Dive)
4. What This Music s Done To Me (TJ Kong feat. ELbee Bad)
5. Take Her By the Hand (Stephane Pompougnac feat Lady Linn)
6. Memorial Smith - Daniels Buki Good Remix (Brotherhood)
7. Pimp Convention (Matthias Heilbronn & Joeski)
8. Triva Mango (Johnny D.)
9. Karibuni (Mathias Bradler)
10. Maissade (Yakine)
11. Experience (Stephane Pompougnac)
12. Cripsy (Kevin Yost)
13. Walk Tall (Glimpse)

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