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Buddha Bar Vol 13

Buddha Bar Vol 13

Mystic Quest , the first cd, is an invitation to escape and travel with tracks from Jojo Effect, Mystic Diversion, Ganga or Florzinho. Secret Bliss , the second cd, is more mysterious and up-tempo. It takes us to an electronic music world where trendy bass sounds combine with traditional instruments offering a moving and eloquent symphony.
We can mention Dr Kucho, Volkan Uca, MHD or Parov Stelar for instance. A compilation that will live up to the reputation of the Buddha-Bar music collection. review by

Track Listings
Cd 1
1. Homage to MR V
2. Levar (Hardage)
3. Time is Running (Jazzamor)
4. Mam Tonight - Original Mix (Jojo Effect)
5. La Luna (Florzinho)
6. Aurora (Mystic Diversion)
7. Be My Sailor (Zeebee)
8. Sta Synnefa (Papercut)
9. Bambou Dub (Nada)
10. When You Got Forward (Triangle Sun Feat. Lena Kaufman)
11. Angelo (Dela Dep)
12. Wandering Stars (Shantel)
13. Clouds - Indian Version (Ganga)
14. I Feel Love (Hector Zazou)
15. Cinnamor Girl (Dunkelbunt feat. Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar)

Cd 2
1. Tango For Evora (Consoul Trainin)
2. Cancao Do Mar (V Sag feat. Athina Routsi)
3. Ya Hebibi (Caramel Project)
4. Deborah s Theme - Jet Set Mix (Electro Blues)
5. La Isla - Original Mix (Dr Kucho)
6. Guitarra - Priginal Edit (La Fuente & Rosenberg Trio)
7. Maktoub (Sean Bay VS Mehdi Mouelhi Feat. Arabella)
8. Souk Original Mix (Jay C & Felix Baumgartner)
9. The Crying Vilon - Original Mix (Volkan Uca)
10. Arabica (MHD)
11. The Phanton - 1930 Swing Version (Parov Stelar)
12. Something Special (Mandee)

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UK said...

I absolutely love this CD! My favorite track is And Winter Came. Next would be Trains and Winter Rains. The others are phenomenal as well. An earlier post stated this CD has a feel of cynical commercialism. If you go to her web site and listen to her explanation of this CD she states she wanted to do a more modern take on Christmas carols. Now days unfortunately commercialism at Christmas time is just about every where you turn. The only grievance I have with this CD is I miss when in her earlier work she would blend her native Celtic tongue with English and this CD is predominately English. Other than that I would definitely call this CD a winner!