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Bargrooves Bar Athems

Bargrooves Bar Athems

The first in the new series to launch Bargrooves' spanking new makeover. Perfectly distilled across three discs, Bar Anthems evokes the essence of the world's most happening bars and creates an aural cocktail of cherry picked Soul, Disco and Future House Anthems.

Soul Anthems delves deep into the record bags of those who like it sexy and sophisticated. True Bargrooves style soulful classics like Jon Cutlers 'It's Yours', Erro's 'Change For Me', Shaun Escoffery's 'Day's Like This' and Soldiers of Twilight's 'Believe' sit perfectly in this Soul cocktail alongside true Anthems 'Finally', 'So Good Today' and Norma Jean Bell's 'Im The Baddest Bitch'.

Disco Anthems contains some of the records that have defined Bar Culture across the World; Bob Sinlar's 'Feel For You', Masters at Works' 'To Be In Love' and of course Moloko's summer time anthem 'Sing It Back'. One of Louie Vega's finest productions, 'Diamond Life' follows a compilation exclusive - the forthcoming 1st release on the new Bargrooves singles label, 'Shawn Christopher's 'Don't Lose The Magic'.

Future Anthems is exactly that. Showcasing some of the records that are no doubt going to be considered Classics in the very near future. The electronic soul of Groove Armada's 'Love Sweet Sound', the pure ecstacy of The Shapeshifters 'Treadstone' and the forthcoming summer smashes of Funkerman 'Speed Up', Dirty South 'Let It Go' and Danny Clark & Jay Benham's 'Wonderous' are all Anthem status bound. from

Track Listings:
Disc: 1
1. The Cure and the Cause - Johnson
2. Finally - Sealee, Jay
3. It's Yours - Cutler, Jon
4. Guessin Again - Grant, M.
5. Change for Me
6. It's So Easy - Nesby, A.
7. Changes - Rivera, Sandy
8. So Good Today - Westbeech, Ben
9. Somethin' (Wit' Jazz) - Font, Victor
10. I'm the Baddest Bitch - Bell, Norma Jean
11. Days Like This - Escoffery, Shaun
12. Believe - DJ Rak
13. Back Together - Carroll, R.

Disc: 2
1. Feel for You - Sinclar, B.
2. Sing It Back - Brydon, Mark
3. Wish I Didn't Miss You - Martin, Andrea [R&B
4. Stop Playing with My Mind
5. Most Precious Love - Blaze
6. Don't Know Malendro - Darsa, Gregory
7. Somehow, Somewhere (Theres a Soul in Heaven) [Cleptomaniacs Ghetto Anth - Gate, Colin
8. Don't Loose the Magic - Christopher, G.
9. Diamond Life - Vega, L.
10. The Way You Love Me - Ahrens, Gary
11. My Heart Belongs to You - Carroll, Ron
12. Strength - Harding, Carolyn
13. I Know You, I Live You - Khan, Chaka
14. To Be in Love - Lattanzi, Joey

Disc: 3
1. Speed Up - Raf
2. My Joy - Haggins, Carvin
3. Glad I Found You - Gomi, Kazuhiko
4. Love Sweet Sound - Cato, Andy
5. My Only
6. Wizeman - Holt, Sam
7. Let It Go - Raganovic, Dragan
8. Get Down - Gonzalez, K.
9. Treadstone - Marrio, Simon
10. Let It Go - Miller, Steve
11. Wondrous - Cioffi, Dewey
12. Can't Stop - Rivera, S.
13. He Is - Holt, Sam

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