Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials Vol 1

Showcasing the best (as well as unreleased) mixes from Naled Music's inception to present... Bare Essentials showcases a broad spectrum of tracks from the back catalog. Featured on the compilation are tracks from Summerland, Petalpusher, Blue Six, Groove Collective and Night Source as well as some out of print remixes and exclusive edits. Available in double-vinyl (8 tracks) and compact disc (14 tracks). This is an introduction to the Naked Music story

Track Listings:
1. Breakin' It Down - Petalpusher & Ledisi
2. Music And Wine - Blue Six
3. You Are Love - Lovetronic
4. Everything Is Changing - Groove Collective (2)
5. Surrender - Petalpusher
6. Don't Ya Wanna - Night Source
7. Soul Mate - Summerland
8. Breakin' It Down - Petalpusher
9. Music And Wine - Blue Six
10. You Are Love - Lovetronic
11. Surrender - Petalpusher
12. Soul Mate - Summerland
13. Pure - Blue Six

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