Friday, November 30, 2007

Om Lounge Vol 6

Om Lounge Vol 6

The essence of this legendary series is captured here with international flavor, soulful melodies and beautiful vocals. Includes the retro–funk soaked rhythms of Mo´Horizons, the sensuous and bass heavy beats of Kaskade, the sexy stylings of dZihan & Kamien and many more… Om Lounge vol. 6 is a trip through the ultimate funky downtempo experience and takes us one step futher into that warm, sexy state of mind. –Many tracks previously only available on import 12"." Simply put, this is one you should have handy when you want to get your mack on in the most stylish manner. Big ups to Om for releasing an audio aid for our love lives."MIXER by

Track Listings:

1. Find an Oasis - Block 16 feat Jhelisa

2. Second Future - Diffusion

3. Someday [Phuturistix Remix] - The Beard

4. Colour [Atjazz Remix] - Soulstice

5. 2 Minutes - Dzihan + Kamien

6. Club Dandy Goldrush - Bartholomaus + Raabenstein

7. Verano - Andy Caldwell

8. Dance Naked Under Palm Trees - Mo' Horizons

9. DDR [Freedom Satellite Dub] - Orbital Experience

10. My Time - Kaskade

11. J'Avance - Rollercone

12. So Far - Lacarno & Burns

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