Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Belau - The Odyssey

Belau - The Odyssey (album)

The debut full-length album of the band, The Odyssey has been finally released at the 16th of November 2016 with 12 new songs featuring several guest vocalists from the Hungarian underground scene, like Myra Monoka, Bogi Dallos, Antonia Vai, Böbe Szécsi or Sára Herrer. The LP brought a groundbreaking success with a double sold-out show at A38, they had a chance to perform in the UK, London and the possibilities for Belau are just increasing since then. The long term goals of the ever-growing project include the creation of multiple concept LPs, each capturing the vibe of a dierent geographical region around the world and to tour around Europe reaching as many people as possible. Belau is ready to show itself to the world!

Track Listings:
01. 34°50’N 24°05’E
02. Somebody Told Me So (ft. Dallos Bogi)
03. You and I (ft. Szécsi Böbe)
04. Jay & Alexis
05. Alone at Petrcane
06. Open Water (ft. Myra Monoka)
07. Down by the Sea (ft. Herrer Sára)
08. Costas de Los Sueños
09. Santorini
10. Wicked (ft. Antonia Vai)
11. Retour à Cap-Ferrat
12. Boat Party (ft. Szécsi Böbe)


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