Sunday, January 10, 2016

Kool and The Gang - Fresh (Fabio Vee Disco Re-Edit)

"Fresh," from the album Emergency is an invigorating dance single with melodic verses and accented chorus chants followed and surpassed "Misled," a claiming the top spot. 
This album marked the end to Kool & the Gang's 15-year association with De-Lite Records. The group impressively charted each of those 15 years including ten number-one singles. Emergency continued that tradition, and was responsible for two of those number-one singles. The first release, "Misled," awith its crackin' bassline led the charge; it peaked at number 3 on the Billboard R&B charts.Mostly known for their funk and dance songs, the nine-piece band hit on a more tranquil note with "Cherish." With its adult contemporary appeal, the tender-flowing single eased its way to the top of the charts. All three of the aforementioned singles were also Billboard Pop Top-Ten singles. The final chapter in the group's De-Lite Records catalog was the release of the title track, "Emergency," a rock-flavored single which crested at number seven on the Billboard R&B charts.

This is a disco re-edit version ! Respect for Kool and The Gang

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