Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cafe del Mar Vol 18

2012 two CD release, the 18th installment in this popular chill-out series. Volume 18 is collaboration with the leading artists that have played a major role in the history of Cafe del Mar and shaped the chill-out music culture over the years. 20 of the tracks are especially composed for this project, which encapsulate the original spirit of Caf‚ del Mar. Volume 18 sees the return of many iconic artists such as Afterlife, Moby, Chicane, Bent and Underworld back to the series. Compiled by Toni Simonen, the album comes in a high quality embossed gatefold digipak format. A unique code will be added to the physical album which will offer exclusive access to bonus tracks and extras online.

Track Listings
CD 1
D*Note - Love Is Wise
Blank & Jones with Jason Caesar - Hideaway
Chris Coco - Cape Clear
Bent - The Park
Ultra Naté - The Rush
Lux - Sunset Disco
Talvin Singh & Niladri Kumar - The Bliss
Chicane - Goldfish
Unkle - Trouble in Paradise (Variation of a Theme)
Moby - Lie Down in Darkness (Ben Hoo’s Dorian Vibe)
Ben Onono - Big Blue Moon
Lamb - Dischord

CD 2
Afterlife - Espalmador
Gelka - Have You Kept Your Ticket?
Ganga - Gymnastics
Faithless - Love Is My Condition (feat. Mia Maestro)
Aromabar - Simple Life
Kid Stone ft. Lovely Laura - Rio
Silent Way - The Cloud
James Bright - No Better Feeling
No Logo - Vibrafone
Hannah Ild - Right Beside You (Afterlife Mix)
Hybrid - Blind Side
Underworld - To Heal

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