Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fierce Angel Presents: Es Vive Ibiza

Fierce Angel Presents: Es Vive Ibiza

A fair number of the tracks on this album, are some of the best tunes Mark Doyle has presented. High energy, gorgeous vocals, beautiful melodies & some stunning remixes - truly a smorgasbord of musical delights. by

Track Listings
Cd 1
1. Down [Original Mix]
2. Holiday [Original Mix]
3. Amorino [Chris Coco Remix]
4. Walking Down Madison [Chill Mix]
5. Pasilda [Afterlife Remix]
6. Sun Is Shining [Out of Sight Remix]
7. Twisted By the Pool [Digital 96 Es Vive Mix]
8. Where I Stood [Digital 96 Es Vive Mix]
9. Cry [Brown Bear Mix]
10. Fall Into My Heart [Extended Mix]
11. Never Can Say Goodbye [EK's Beach Mix]
12. The Way It is [Ek Vs Ec Mix]

Cd 2
1. What's the Point [Original Mix]
2. Love Underground [Dublin Aunts Remix]
3. Love [Original Mix]
4. The Little Things [Bassmonkeys Mix]
5. China [EK's Extended Anthem Mix]
6. When I'm Dancing [Oxford Hustlers Club Mix]
7. Love U More [Oxford Hustlers Club Mix]
8. Can't Get to Sleep [Oxford Hustlers Extended Mix]
9. Turn It Up [Wawa Club Mix]
10. Live Your Life [Original Mix]
11. Turn This World Around [RG Club Mix]
12. Shiny Disco Balls [Main Mix]

Cd 3
1. Stronger [Stronger Club Mix]
2. Walk in the Sun [Kurtis Mantronik Hot Tub Club Mix]
3. Pa Ra Ra (Shake) [Original Mix]
4. Flirt [Original Extended Mix]
5. Hablando [Club Mix]
6. Cuba [Vocal Mix]
7. San Trancisco [Club Mix]
8. Korea [Original Mix]
9. Big Fucking House [Original Mix]
10. I Gotta Roar [Joylon Petch Big Room Mix]
11. Dancin [Antoine Clamaran Remix]
12. Long Time 2010 [Lazrtag Mashup]

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