Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hed Kandi Disco Heaven

Hed Kandi Disco Heaven

Welcome to Hed Kandi’s heavenly dancefloor where only the finest dance music plays. Disco Heaven is back and totally transformed from the fluffy and sparkling House of days gone by into the most funk-fuelled and freshest selection of filtered Disco House bombs that exist in Heaven and Earth! This is peak time, main room and the revolution and revenge of Disco House. Feel-good vocals chopped up and filtered to perfection and spread over 2 mixed CDs featuring the likes of Gramophonedzie, Hatiras, Louis La Roche, Olav Basoski and Hostage to name a few. Inspired by Studio54, the sunshine and legends who put a smile on our faces at the turn of the millennium such as Daft Punk, Cassius and Fred Falke, this is a cutting edge take on two parts of Hed Kandi’s fundamental DNA – Disco and House! With over 200 Hed Kandi events this summer extending across all corners of the globe, this release encapsulates all the delectable feel-good moments and latest floor-fillers specially selected for the hottest Kandi dancefloors worldwide. We’ve held the keys to the gates of Heaven for some time now and we’re opening the gates once more inviting you to join us as we launch the brand new-looking Disco Heaven and celebrate Hed Kandi’s 101st release, ushering in a new era of Kandi!by

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. A Love Feeling
2. Prick Stick
3. Groove With You [Audio Jacker Mix]
4. Nasty Little Rumour [Louis La Roche Remix]
5. My Love Is Free 2010 [Lazy Rich Remix]
6. And The Beat Goes On [Funk L'Amour Remix]
7. The Return Of The Vigilante
8. Disco Ivory [WMC Miami Beach Mix]
9. Disco Nights
10. Bitch Is Back [Bordeauxx Mix]
11. Take It [Kitch N Sync Mix]
12. Nobody Can Do This [Olav Basoski Remix]
13. Supaconstellation [Audio Glitter Remix]
14. I Still Want You [Gramophonedzie Remix]
15. Look Don't Touch [Weekend Millionaires Mix]
16. Voodoo Love [Steve Angello Remix]
17. Tribute To The Paradise Garage
18. Forever

Disc: 2
1. Why Don't You
2. Sing With A Swing
3. Miami Pop 2010
4. Disco Good [Simioli & Black Original]
5. 1,2,3
6. Dub My Disco [Paolo Barbato Vocal Remix]
7. Grace Of God
8. It Doesn't Matter [Audio Jacker Mix]
9. We Love Africa
10. Homewrecker [Weekend Millionaires Remix]
11. This Groove
12. Keep It Right [Busy's Keep It Tight Mix]
13. Chicago Revolution [Disfunktion Remix]
14. Spaced Invader 2010 [Nom De Strip Remix]
15. Touch Me [Weekend Millionaires Remix]
16. Make My Music
17. I Feel So...
18. Day Off

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