Monday, March 7, 2011

Wmc Miami Sampler 2011

WMC Miami Sampler 2011

AudioBite Soulful is proud to present our 2011 WMC Miami Sampler EP featuring tracks from BBwhite, DJ Christian, Valy Dj feat. Fabio Vee, Ujin Ray, and Arek Ratai. "Back In Time" is true BBwhite-style jackin', funky, and jazzy house with an awesome funky bassline and beautiful strings, and a retro house vibe. DJ Christian's Greek Mix of "I Still Cry" is a soulful love song with enticing vocals and a warm, deep vibe. Valy Dj and Fabio Vee's "Time Machine" is funky and a bit jazzy with a deep, driving bassline and retro-style electrifying effects. Ujin Ray brings on the funk with "Funky Jack" and its funky stabs and soulful melodies and vocal effects. Arek Ratai's Soulful Deep Mix of "Art Of Soul" goes down way deep with its spacey effects and funky yet soulful melody.

Track Listings
1. BB White - Back in Time (Original Mix)
2. Dj Christian - I Still Cry (Dj Christian Greek Mix)
3. Valy Dj Feat. Fabio VEE - Time Machine (Original Mix)
4. Ujin Ray - Funky Jack (Original Mix)

5. Arek Ratai - Art of Soul (Soulful Deep Original Mix)

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