Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cafe del Mar Vol 16

Cafe del Mar Vol 16


Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. The Autum Leaves (Cecile Bredie)
2. Declaration Of Love (Noise Boyz ft. Io Vita)
3. Won't Give Up (Roberto Sol & Florito ft. Martine)
4. Gypsy Love Mix (Ivan Tucakov)
5. Cause I'm Not Sorry (Andreas Agiannitopoulos)
6. Dancing With The Sun (Clelia Felix)
7. Rain Of Love (Ingo Herrmann)
8. Aethalia (Bas aka Stefano Baldetti)
9. En Busca Del Sol (Aware)
10. A Miracle (Yuliez Topaz)
11. Come With Me (Sol Electrico)
12. Suenos (Romu Agullo)
13. Fatigue (Thomas Lemmer)
14. Long Flight Home (Mark Watson)
15. Sea Bird (Future Proof)
16. Sky In Your Eyes (Elmara)

Disc: 2
1. Stronger Love (Gary B)
2. Pez Volador (Paco Fernandez)
3. You And Me (DAB)
4. Stay With Me (Valentin Huedo & Atfunk)
5. El Viejo Pescador (Lenny Bizarre)
6. Inner Music (Alexandre Vgele ft. Jillence Luce)
7. Hotel Utopia (Alejandro de Pinedo)
8. How Does It Feel (Ludvig & Stelar)
9. On My Mind (Villablue)
10. Savannah Sunset (Schwartz & Funk)
11. If You Were Here Tonight (Steen Thottrup)
12. Promised Land (Soulchillaz)
13. Atlantis (Rue du Soleil)
14. Acoustic Feeling (Jesus Mondejar)
15. Don't You Know (Paul Hardcastle)
16. Terrace (Toni Simonen)

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