Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lounge For Movie

Lounge For Movie

This album is pure inspiration from the narrative and cinematic opera "Waiting for new nights. It translates its atmosphere in musical notes, delivering music in its most significant events.
Movie Lounge is for a soundtrack, refined and elegant, which brings with it enormous changes the meanings of the future.
Listen to this music is like looking into the future, while comfortably relaxing on your favorite chair.

Music created and composed by EFFE Production

Track Listings:
01 . 2085 New Cairo
02 . Chemicals cops
03 . Guild of the Senses
04 . Half Life Corporation
05 . High society
06 . Nocturna
07 . ICon
08 . Eastern suburbs
09 . Max & Sheela
10 . Zaibatsu

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