Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get salted vol 2

Get Salted Volume 2


Get Salted Volume 2
is the perfect CD for a day at the beach, at night at your house party or in your car driving. Miguel Migs' “So Far” (Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub Edit) brings the vibe in gently with slow synths and a soothing vibe while Nathan G “88 Keys To Love” picks it up with some classic house piano stabs. The space disco of Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez “You Are The One For Me (Miguel Migs Salted Dub)” is contrasted by the 90’s Hip-House sound of Dutchican Soul “Get On Down” (Unreleased Dub Edit) and then again by the jazzy tech house of Dirty Culture “No Matter How.”
Swingin’ soulful grooves are shared by Jay-J with Charlene Moore “Love Alive (Dub)” and Fred Everything feat. Tortured Soul “Lying To You” (Fred Everything Dub) before Migs brings in a little R&B flavor with his own unreleased dub of “Sometime (feat Tim Fuller.)” You get the point by now, don’t cha? It’s a soul/R&B/House/disco party mix that works equally well on large sound systems and little earbuds. by

Track Listings:
1. So Far - Yogi and Husky Deep Wash Dub Edit (Miguel Migs)
2. You Are The One For Me - Miguel Migs Salted Dub (Roberto De Carlo feat. Colin Corvez)
3. Get On Down - Unreleased Dub Edit (Dutchican Soul)
4. No Matter How (Dirty Culture)
5. Love Alive - Dub (Jay-J with Charlene Moore)
6. Lying To You - Fred Everything Dub (Fred Everything feat. Tortured Soul)
7. Tonight s The Night - Miguel Migs Salted Vocal (Marc Evans)
8. Like I Want To - Dutchican Soul Vocal Rub (Lisa Shaw)
9. Get Up - Camilo Franco Cassagrande Mix (Twisted Rhythm feat. Stephen Granville)
10. Try To Love Me - Miguel Migs Salted Rub-a-Dub (Joe Pompeo)
11. Life and Music - Migs Dub Edit Update (Miguel Migs)
12. It Feels Alright - Miguel Migs Salted Rework (Yogi and Husky)
13. Show Em How It s Done (Nathan G)
14. Just Funk Me Already (Joshua Heath)
15. Love On My Hands (Lovebirds)
16. Salsa Training (Andrew Chibale)
17. Critical (Hot Toddy)

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