Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Groove Cafe Special Stephane Pompougnac

Groove Cafe - Special Stephane Pompougnac

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Groove Cafe is a chill out radio show on air on many italian radio, produced and selected by Cristian Trouble J.
Every week inside a special set about an lounge artist, selected by Fabio Vee

Krystian shek vs crunk mix - if i cant have you
Indian Corp - Liberation
Nery - Les Amants
Phil Kinley - House Session Beach Mix
Silver House - Victorinox
Mario Berger - Hawaii
Dario Boente & Huge In Pain - Divine Love
Mystic diversions - e pa-pa
Manish trio - remember me
Barriere - Thunder in Sunshine
Santo estarga - flowing time
Kimbu Kimra - Raise The Dead
Blank and jones - summer breeze
Panaphonic feat liliana gimenez - contas novas
Mindprint traveller - Strandmusique
Low light - soul side
In Credo - The strings of spain
Kinobe - slip into something more comfortable
Smood - Gadou
Unknown lights - sand moon

Selected and Softmixed by Cristian Trouble J.

SPECIAL SET Stephane Pompougnac
Stephane Pompougnac feat. Charles Schillings - Sunday drive (Remix)
Madonna what it feels like for a girl (Stephane pompougnac Remix)
St├ęphane Pompougnac - Closer to Julie
St├ęphane Pompougnac - PNC aux Portes
Selected and Softmixed by Fabio Vee

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