Sunday, August 16, 2009

Purple Music Master Collection Vol 6

Purple Music Master Collection Vol 6


Track Listings:
Disc: 1
1. Tatoo Woman [Jamie Lewis Sex on the Beach Mix]
2. 84 Kingstreet [Original Mix] - Alfred Azzetto, Christian Hornbostel
3. Change Is on the Way [Born to Funk & Justin Michael Original Mix] - Born To Funk, Hidekazu Maiyama, Justin Michael
4. You Are the One for Me [Roberto de Carlo Original Mix] - Colin Corvez, Roberto DeCarlo
5. Miachael's Prayer [Jamie Lewis Main Cut] - Michael Watford
6. Promised Land [Main Mix]
7. Supergirl [Original Mix] - Panevino,
8. Dreaming About You [Original Mix] - Kings of Groove, Andrea Love
9. I'm Over It [Kemals Main Mix] - Misteralf, Dawn Tallman
10. Muevelo [La Folie Douce Remix] - Sebastian Gamboa
11. [CD-Rom Track]

Disc: 2
1. I Want U 2 Move [Sa Club Mix] - Studio Apartment
2. Near the Ocean (No Turning Back) [Luca Cassani Remix] - Alfred Azzetto, Robin S.
3. U Know Me [Main Mix]
4. Cadillac Car [Jamie Lewis Main Mix] - Capasso, TDL
5. Music Is My Shelter [Panevino Remix] - Freda Goodlett, Ray Paxon, Syb
6. This Time [Original Mix] - Anthony Romeno, Wanted Chorus
7. Come Together [Main Mix] - Michelle Weeks
8. It's Not Over (Baby Please) [Monster Phunk Mix] - Jamie Lewis, Michael Watford
9. Your Day [Club Mix] - James Deron,
10. I Surrender [Main Mix] - Kemal, Hidekazu Maiyama

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