Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nude Dimensions Vol 3

Nude Dimensions Vol 3

After a lon hiatus, we are proud to present our newest addition to the catalog of cd releases on the label! With Nude Dimensions Vol 3, we have taken a snapshot of the wide spectrum of dance styles being produced around the world. Bleding a bit of electro, broken breat and nu-jazz with the signature deep house feel taht's been the series hallmark this volume features some of today's most intriguing underground talents. It's a more percussive, adventurous ride this time around, but as always, the sensual Nude Dimensions vibe stays intact by

Track Listings:

1. Rain - Gaelle

2. Don't Stop - Deep Sensation

3. Every Day - Central Living

4. Earth Is The Place - Haines, Nathan

5. Ida Y Vuelta - Savannah (3)

6. Keep It Country - Soul Patrol

7. Step Into The Light - Jersey Street

8. Nowhere - Aquanote

9. Ever After Love - Lucky Ones

10. Blue Six Tribute - Migs, Miguel

11. Dreamwalker - Rocha, Paulo

12. Recover - Satin Souls

13. Caught Up - Metro Area

14. Lullaby - Geist, Morgan

15. Loose Leaves - Nova Scotia

16. Love Yourself - Blue Six

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