Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fred Everything - Lost Togheter

Fred Everything - Lost Togheter

Fred Everything is no stranger to the music game. He has over a decade’s worth of experience, and brings in the summer heat with his newest artist album ‘Lost Together’ – a polished blend of feel good dance tunes.

It’s what happened behind the scenes that brings freshness to this album. The relationships that were developed, how paths were crossed, and how a love for the same elements encompassed in dance music all involved a group of people to somehow form “Lost Together.” With a strong selection of vocalists giving their piece to the album, these sought after tracks come together to create an experience full of groovy fusion beats. It proves to be a record sure to remind you of those hot summer days.

A chance meeting with N’Dea Davenport brought “Don’t Nobody” to life. A huge fan of the Brand New Heavies, Fred did an unofficial remix of one of their tracks. While playing a gig in NY; N’Dea, who had heard the track and loved it showed up to see Fred in action.

Lisa Shaw, a close friend of Fred’s, brings forth her calming vocals that lighten the mood in “Here I Am.” Shortly after comes “Mercyless” feat. Wayne Tennant, which gives you a steady beat and solid groove, a combination that makes you want to roll down your window and turn up the volume. The amazingly talented house band known as Tortured Souls came into the project after being long friends and fans of Fred’s, while the legendary Roy Davis Jr. (Ubiquity) jumped on board after being presented the track.

Track Listings:

1. Radio Everything
2. On my own (feat. Roy Davis Jr)
3. St Vitaeur
4. Stay (feat. Tim Fuller)
5. Here I am(Lisa Shaw)
6. Lost Thogheter
7. Mercyless (feat. Wayne Tennant)
8. Lying to you (feat. Tortured Soul)
9. Mile end Interlude
10. Understand
11. Don't Nobody (feat. N'Dea Davenport)
12. Shinjuku Ramen
13. Mile End

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