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Cafe Del Mar Vol 15

Cafe Del Mar Vol 15

Since the first releases of Café del Mar, where the Balearic spirit was reflected by music, millions of CDs have been sold worldwide and they continue to sell. The different compilations keep the memories of Café del Mar alive, for whom have visited it, becoming a kind of identity mark. In 2008 CDM Music celebrates 15 years of music, and for this occasion, this triple CD has been compiled (each CD encapsulates a five year period) containing a total of 42 songs. All the tracks are original and exclusive for this compilation, and you can find artists like Ludvig & Stelar, Dab, Rue Du Soleil, La Caina and many others. Ibiza Music.

Track Listings:

Cd 1
1.Reunited - sun is shinning
2.Melibea - wake up
3.Ludvig & Stelar - relax
4.Jazzy Pecada - avantguard
5.Nera - life is a wonder
6.Soula & Angela - night wave in ibiza
7.Eleni - world
8.Clelia Felix - similing faces
9.Villablue - one step away
10.Orgatronics - tren lento a juliaca
11.Lento - stop
12.Soulchillaz - allright
13.Paco Fernández - what are we living
14.Gary B. - I will be waiting

Cd 2
1.DAB - summer memories
2.Alexander Vogele ft. Jillene Luce - breakway
3.Gary B. - etenally yours
4.Gelka ft. Beth Hirsch - under my star
5.Alexander Boschi - tarifa:colores en el viento
6.Koru - closer
7.Ensoul - perfect days
8.Aitor Escobar - mi keny
9.Santa Cruz - on the shore
10.Duo Mecanico - charade
11.Soul Electrico - strangers no more
12.Yuliez Topaz - jesus in the sun
13.La Caina - indian moon

Cd 3
1.Steen Thottrup ft. Katie McGregor - sunset people
2.Stigma - eternity
3.Tape Five - sandbank
4.Rue Du Soleil - higher
5.Kosta Rodriguez ft. Amy - gale in the waterglass (my love)
6.Alejandro De Pinedo - sax 4 sex
7.Kotik - I see
8.Schwartz & Funk - junto almar
9.Almadrava - fly away
10.Zaharamusic - aire
11.The Birdstones - closer
12.J.R. Haim - sueno de una gaviota
13.Fernando Maranon - trocadero
14.Atlan Chill - interface 15. elmara-skyline

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