Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Housexy Autumn 05

Housexy Autumn 05

The second in the new Housexy series takes things further again with the sexiest in funky house music.
A stylish and seductive album, packaged decadently with striking artwork this double cd includes new tracks from D.O.N.S ft Technotronic / Erick Morill. from

Track Listings:

CD 1

1. So High [Haji & Emanuel Mix]

2. Reach Out to Me

3. Superhero

4. Hear My Call [Sam la More's Funk Mix]

5. Jump

6. Gave Me Love [Soul Avengerz Mix]

7. Your Body [Andy Van Remix]

8. Make a Move [Club Mix/Dub Mix]

9. Play My Game

10. Caught in the Middle [Mat Bradshaw Remix]

11. Hot

12. Waiting in the Darkness [Kurt Maverick's Main Mix]

13. Soulshaker [Rune Rk's Artificial Funk Remix]

14. Pump Up the Jam [Moto Blanco Club Mix]

CD 2

1. In My Head [Paymaker Vocal Edit]

2. Change Your Cover [Tuff Mix]

3. Housonic Grooves Vol. 1

4. Deep Inside

5. Beats N Bones

6. Sweat [Cella Dwellers Remix]

7. Brighter Days [Haji & Emanuel Remix]

8. Angels of Love [Original Mix]

9. Free as the Morning Sun [Seamus Haji & Emanuel Mix]

10. Es Vedra

11. Coraçao

12. Watch the Sunrise [Vocal Dub]

13. Friends [Restless & Volatile Mix]

14. C'mon Sisters [Angel-Ho! Mix]

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