Thursday, September 6, 2007

Supperclub Addiction

Supperclub Addcition

In the next series, both music and artwork are fully devoted to the ‘9 sins according to supperclub’. To make the actual double album even more desirable in this i-pod age, the packaging will be exclusively designed by a talented artist. This can be a painter, photographer, fashion designer etc. The first print will be released as a ravishing limited edition digi-pack in a slipcase and will be followed by a double jewel and wallet.

The first album in the new series has 'addiction' as its theme and the amazing picture has been shot by famous Dutch photographer Krijn van Noordwijk. Michael Anthony and Todd Christiansen a.k.a ‘Late Night Sneaky’, San Francisco's resident dj's have carefully selected their most addictive tracks.

The sound of 'addiction' has more ‘edge’ than the previous albums but does not alienate from the distinctive and warm supperclub sound…

addiction is a prison full of freedom by

Track Listing:

CD 1
1. Idle
2. Addicted
3. Dub Addiction
4. Colours the Soul
5. Music from a White Place
6. Your Country
7. Just One Day [Lost Rhodes Mix]
8. Crap Kraft Dinner
9. 8 Ball
10. Cali Spaces [Papp's Lazy Daze Remix]
11. Big Up Style
12. Oyun Havasi
13. Circle
14. Damn
CD 2
1. Whole New Way of Looking at the Day
2. Not So Toxic
3. Kunuaka
4. Eternity [Gerd's 4Lux Remix]
5. U Know When U [B. Smiley & Majitope Remix]
6. Destination Earth [Agaric's el Mundo de Los Pollos Locos Pop Remix]
7. Sweat
8. I Feel Music
9. Sedated
10. Warrior
11. Bar a Thyme [Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix]
12. Have You
13. Lifeblood
14. Twin Moons

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