Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Irma Chill out cafe Vol 7

Irma Chill out cafe Vol 7

The seventh volume of our most popular Chill Out series reaches the most diverse influences and underlines its difference from other similar selections. This time the majority are vocal tracks. Jazz and Soul are as usual the main ingredients to create a unique harmony that starts slowly and grows gradually, also in a rhythmic sense, like a real DJ set. by

Track Listings:

1. Document - Lithium Project
2. Maui Maui - Kava Kava
3. Sun Comes Filtering Thru - Future Loop Foundation
4. Reality Check - Stigmato Inc.
5. Star Sailor - Pearl Diverz
6. Solid Gone - Odd Toot
7. Run Rabbit - Easy Access Orchestra
8. Speak Softly - Ghost Priest
9. Face - M-Elino
10. Invisible Things - Black Dog
11. Whisper - Bass
12. Wasted Time - DJ Moses
13. Hollywood - Sirotti, Fabriques
14. Beyond The Sea - Beatzilla

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