Monday, March 5, 2007

Hotel Costes Vol 6

Hotel Costes Vol 6 mixed by Stephane Pompougnac

After five compilations and more than a million and fifty thousand sales worldwide, the Hotel Costes serie is more than ever the ultimate reference of parisian luxury and sophistication. For this sixth volume, Stephane Pompougnac has been inspired by eclectic tastes, he gives us an impeccable and intimate mix of exclusive tracks in the pure spirit of Hotel Costes.

Track Listings
1. Slow Train - In The Black Of Night
2. Stigmato Inc - Reality Check
3. Emmanuel Santa Arromana - Métropolitain
4. 3-11 Porter - Surround Me With Your Love (Mental Overdrive Remix)
5. Tosca - Rolf Royce
6. Stephanie Pompougnac - Morenito (Bossa Mix)
7. Barbara Mendes - Got To Be In Love (Dub Mix)
8. Minus 8 - Snowblind
9. Dutch Rhythm Combo - Come On (Sket Remix)
10. Finga Thing - You Fly Me
11. Spiro Projecto feat. Josefina Sanner - Bluesless (Radio Mix)
12. Zimpala - The Breeze Is Black (Moonstarr Remix)
13. Grand Palace - Party's Son
14. Doctor Jazz's Universal Remedy - Un Monde Sans Frime

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