Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hed Kandi Winter Chill Vol 3

Hed Kandi Winter Chill Vol 3

30 True chill out tracks by

Track Listings:

Disc: 1
1. Evergreen - Faithless (Dusted remix)
2. Lovely Head - Goldfrapp
3. Sparks - Royskopp
4. Come a day - Beth Hirsch
5. Letter to a sister friend - Ursula Rucker feat. Vicki Miles
6. Sneakin - Jaffa (Vocal)
7. Awakening - Airlock
8. Out of control - Fenomenon
9. The Rain (Where do I begin?) - Si*Se
10. Online - De Phazz
11. Trust Me - Urban Dwellers (Sector 7G remix)
12. Fairy of the lake - Yonderboi
13. Rambia - Mescalito
14. And that's saying alot - Natural Calamity (Natural Calamity alternative remix)
15. Drift - PC Synergy
Disc: 2
1. When the body speaks - Depeche Mode
2. Gabriel - Lamb
3. Only Love - Chris Coco
4. Rainy days and mondays - Fac 15 feat. Cathi Ogden
5. Sometimes it snows in April - Amar
6. M. Dupont - The Dining Rooms
7. Twisted - Fused
8. Empty beaches - Night traffic
9. Deeper - into places - Afterlife
10. Blow it all away - Sia
11. See the light - Minty's Style (Austral mix)
12. Sunlight in th rain - Kelli Ali
13. To be free - Emiliana Torrini
14. Gone - Kosheen
15. Leave me on a high - Mr Hermano

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