Monday, March 5, 2007

Cafe Del Mar Vol 8

Cafe Del Mar Vol 8 compiled by Jose Padilla

Café del Mar is an Ibiza beachside bar with the perfect combination of scenery, beautiful weather and the wonderfully chilled music. Taking its name from this place, the Cafe Del Mar "chill-out" compilation series has set the standard for "chillout" albums starting with its first back in 1994, and has become as legendary as the location itself. Volume Eight is no exception, isn't a radical departure from its predecessors. An ambient/trip-hop approach to electronica still prevails. The music it contains is a beautiful compilation of 13 tracks that you will probably have never heard of. You will love it and if you have been envolved in the Café Del Mar´s experience, you can remember it listening to the cd and imagining those fantastic sunrises. Different artists form this excellent compilation. by

Track Listings:

1. Cookie Raver - Illumination
2. Gula Gula - Boine, Mari
3. Pina Colada - Jones, Digby
4. Will You Catch Me - Tiny Tunes
5. Utopia - Goldfrapp
6. Worthless - Dido
7. Sunrise - Afterlife
8. Tattouage Blue - Onono, Ben
9. Apache - Scripture
10. 100 Billion Stars - Lux
11. Gabriel - Lamb
12. In A Little While - U2
13. Any Other Name - Newman, Thomas (1)

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