Friday, March 9, 2007

Bargrooves Azure

Ascolta Bargrooves Azure

Completing 2006’s supremely successful colour series, bargrooves Azure, returns to its roots for double cd of soul kissed grooves and uplifting funky anthems! by


Cd 1
1. In-Ten-City [Original Extended Mix] - Soul Central Listen
2. 4 the Love - Karizma Listen
3. S.O.S. [Dubdeluxe Mix] Listen
4. You've Got the Move Listen
5. Stallin' Me [Ross Couch Dirty Porn Mix] - Players Inc. Listen
6. Mesmerise [Original Version] - Mandy Edge, Listen
7. I Told You [Vincent Kwok Space out Funk Mix] - Mandy Edge, Soularis Listen
8. Talkin About [Old Skool Jazz Mix] Listen
9. Crazy 4 You [Original Version] Listen
10. Feel the Music - Belocca & Soneec, Listen
11. Ibiza Sunday Morning Listen
12. I Got What U Need [Original Version] Listen
Cd 2
1. Introduction Listen
2. Magic Star [Simon Grey Vocal Mix] - Roberto DeCarlo, Listen
3. U R the 1 [Andy Holder Dub Mix] - Erik Dillard Listen
4. Dancing to a Beat Listen
5. So High [Original Mix] Listen
6. If You Don't Know Me by Now [Dub Mix] - The Little Big Band Listen
7. Ease Your Mind [Original Mix] Listen
8. Together [Original Mix] - Simon Grey, Listen
9. All Gods Children Got Rhythm [Swing Street Mix] Listen
10. We've Got Joy [Earnshaw's Bumpin Dub] - Central Avenue Revue, Listen
11. Be Yourself [Bongoloverz Remix] - Jay Henry, Listen
12. Friends [Kid Massive's Afrolektrik Deep Mix] - Tiger Lily Listen
13. Balearico [Original Mix] Listen
14. Ride [Richard Earnshaw Remix] - Spiritchaser Listen

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