Friday, March 9, 2007

Bargrooves Al fresco

Ascolta Bargrooves Al fresco

A double CD featuring 21 tracks of bargrooves’ trademark deep sophisticated house music from across the globe. Mixed by Ben Sowton and guest DJ Justin Ballard, bargrooves – al fresco is the first of a new bargrooves quartet, ‘spaces in special places’, which will feature guest DJs from some of the world’s most musically influential cities.--“The perfect soundtrack to your summer party”by

Track Listings:

CD 1
1. Changes (Jazztrumental)
2. Italian summer
3. The most beautiful boy in Brazil
4. Tout est bleu
5. We all got soul
6. Georgia
7. If you fall (Goldtrix Remix)
8. Introduce an MC (Johnny Fiasco Remix)
9. Groove you out tonight
10. The only one (Groove Armada Remix)
11. Is music
CD 2
1. The way
2. Look behind your eyes
3. Los halinos
4. Fly
5. Livin my life
6. Mission control
7. Party people
8. Be good
9. Africa (Original Mix)
10. Deeper

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