Monday, March 5, 2007

Hotel Costes Vol 1

Hotel Costes Vol 1 mixed by Stephane Pompougnac

Once upon a time there was a mythic place in Paris, and its music guru: Stéphane Pompougnac, linked more than ever to tell a story, first chapter of a musical odyssey called “Hotel Costes”.by

Track listings
1. My Funny Valentine - Big Muff
2. Cubafro Con Amigos - Ballistic Brothers
3. First Class 77 - Fantastic Plastic Machine
4. Green Tree - Pompougnac, Stephane
5. Pour Faire Le Portrait D'un Oiseau - Montand, Yves
6. No Jive - De-Phazz
7. Rollin' On Chrome (1) - Afrodelics
8. No Communication No Love - Schillings, Charles
9. Chateau Rouge - Seven Dub
10. La Neblina Del Verano - New Phunk Theory
11. Luna De Rio - Baffa & Paganni
12. Chorando Sim - Almeidinha Do El Gringo
13. Libertango - Jones, Grace
14. Migration - Sawhney, Nitin
15. Machine Por Les Oreilles - Rinocerose
16. Love The DJ - Flying Pops

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Anonymous said...

Stephane Pompougnac is a musical God! Thanks for providing all the track listings. Jay

Silvia said...

Como hago para Download Selecciòn de CDs Hotel Costes
Ya me suscribi